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22 November 2018

CRC5 – LED work lamp of universal purpose with a handle and a magnet is the latest novelty by the Polish company WESEM. The lamp has a wide range of uses in automotive as an additional source of light. It allows the user to illuminate the space close to and around the vehicle. It is practical both when performing standard activities around the car as well as in unexpected situations on the road.

The small (87 mm in diameter) all-purpose lamp is useful in many kinds of vehicles — passenger cars, trucks or special vehicles. It is energy efficient and features numerous options allowing it to be used as needed. It comes in an aesthetic and functional box. Its practicality is ensured by an 8-metre spiral wire allowing the lamp to be plugged to the cigarette lighter outlet; airtight switch for turning the lamp off at any time without the need to disconnect it at the source; a handle allowing the lamp to be conveniently moved and positioned; and a magnetic holder for mounting the lamp in virtually any kind of vehicle. The high-class airtightness makes the lamp durable and hermetic, and thus suitable for use in difficult conditions.

This year, the lamp has been presented at international fairs (in Poland, the UK, Russia, and Germany)*, attracting a significant interest among the audience. 'Our intention was to create a practical product, useful for any vehicle owner. And we have succeeded. Opinions show that we have surprised everyone by the functionality of the lamp. To many people, this was the first time they saw a lamp of this kind, and its usefulness was immediately recognised,' says Tomasz Hajduk, co-owner of WESEM.

WESEM has consistently ensured that the lamp is made to a high standard. The product comes in a convenient and secure box. All components of CRC5 lamp are manufactured in Poland, and each stage of the production process complies with ISO 9001:2015 quality system applicable at the company.

The lamp may be a perfect idea for an unconventional gift for any vehicle owners.


Press release: WESEM