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24 January 2022

Do you have to decide between aesthetics, appearance and functionality? With WESEM lamps you do not need to make such choices. Now there is an even more extensive range of products upgrading the appearance of your car to choose from. You can select lamps to match your vehicle or match lamps in terms of colour to the surface on which they are to be installed.

The company WESEM has developed special lamp versions in various colour options. Our fantastic three-product families have grown and now you can choose between lamp housing colours. All the three product families mentioned (FERVOR 220, CRP1, CRK2) now feature a white housing which, on the one hand, is unique as far as such lamps are concerned, and, on the other hand, is always a good match and in fashion. Our lamps with a white housing have the following manufacturer codes: CRK2B.54206, LUM1.50815, CRP1.54601.

FERVOR driving lamps are available as completely black - as an option with a black housing and a black frame (the other versions feature a chromed frame), and as red - with a red housing and a black frame.

Work lamps CRP1 are available in the following characteristic colours:

  • the afore-mentioned white version, which fits perfectly with white surfaces, e.g. on campers,
  • red - dedicated for special vehicles – e.g. fire engines,
  • yellow – which blends well with the bodywork of yellow ambulances.

Lamp CRK2 in its white version is also used on ships, boats and ambulances.

Having launched the aforementioned products, the manufacturer intends to continue developing this product range and will soon start offering an extended range of “coloured” products. In their basic versions, all the lamps feature a black housing. There is a possibility of individual arrangements of the housing colors with OEM recipients.