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15 April 2020

For many years Wesem has specialized in production of lighting for construction and agricultural vehicles. Their products are solid, durable and shock resistant, dedicated for work in tough environments. New, advanced and energy efficient LED headlamp with direction indicator is now available in the offer.

Polish lighting manufacturer, for many years has been equipping slow moving and construction vehicles with work lamps and headlamps.

Over the last few years, LED work lamps gained popularity and now, they are the most often chosen lamps for applications where extra illumination is needed. They are available in many shapes, sizes, as a direct replacement for halogen lights or as powerful lamps for those who need a lot of light.
Offered range of products is very wide and will satisfy users of machines and vehicles used in industry or on construction sites. With good lighting comfort of working on a field or on a construction site is increased.

Among the main reflectors, the RGV1 headlamp is highly appreciated by users of slow moving vehicles. It is because of its robustness, good parameters and attractive price.

Because of increased market demand, WESEM introduced an advanced LED headlamp, the EGV1, dedicated for both vehicle manufacturers (OEM) and wholesalers (aftermarket).
It has four light functions: passing and driving light, position light and direction indicator. Version recommended for Aftermarket is equipped with two types of brackets which make installation possible on vertical or horizontal surfaces. It has E20 homologation and reference mark 17,5. It is very durable, shock resistant, dust and water tight (IP67, IP69K), so it is suitable for tough environments, like construction sites or fields. Headlamp is meant for installation on industrial and road work vehicles, backhoes, wheel loaders, rough terrain forklifts or harvesters.

It's key features are innovation, modern design, precise design and production. It is the first headlamp in that class, which the most often used passing beam, is only 11W (HC/R mark), which means that the current draw is under 1 Amper. To compare, a commonly used H4 bulb has a power of 55W. Perfect quality is accompanied by competitive price.
The headlamp is made in Poland and each production phase is controlled in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.
Wesem competence is confirmed by big brands like Bomag.