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12 October 2015

Autumn has just came, the time of brightening. Because of that fact, WESEM announces promotion and from 12th of October till 31st of December 2015 you can buy any CRC3 work lamp with 10% discount for both, retailers and wholesalers.

CRC3s are available on the market for a year. Since then, they have gained followers, were tested in real, extreme conditions and appreciated with Lider Rynku 2015 and Euroleader 2015 (in Product category) titles. Furthermore, all LED products, including CRC3 received JAKOŚĆ ROKU 2015 title.

Users appreciate features such a:

  • wide application (agricultural machines, construction machines, forklift trucks, off-road cars, special vehicles and others), it is universal lamp, for 12V and 24V power supply,
  • application of modern source of light - LED module (theoretical lifespan for LED module is 50000 hours),
  • energy efficient product (power from 24-29W),
  • possibility of montage in any position - in ex. as standing, hanged or on magnetic holder,
  • durable construction, checked in different conditions (outdoor, on-road, warehouse),
  • fully hermetic, IP68, IP69k rated - can be used up to 1m under the water,
  • brackets and bolts made of INOX steel,
  • small size,
  • brackets allows to direct the light beam in any direction, without unmounting,
  • gives big  amount of light, from 1500 to 2500 lm,
  • attractive look,
  • stone guard can be unmounted, so Client can decide about the look.

There are many versions of this product:

  • without handle,
  • with handle,
  • with standard bracket,
  • with omega bracket,
  • with magnetic holder,
  • with built-in AMP connector,
  • with built-in Deutsch connector,
  • with 0,5 m long wire,
  • with 8m long spiral cable,
  • with switch,
  • with spot light beam pattern,
  • with wide light beam pattern.

Buying lamps from CRC3 series you are receiving a high quality product with reasonable price. Currently you can buy this lamps for lower price, so it is worth to get them and receive better effects of work in the darkness.