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19 March 2018

On 5-8 April, at the Poznań Automotive Technology Fair, a Polish lamp manufacturer will exhibit one of their new products - CRC5 LED work lamp with a handle and a magnet. The lamp is suitable for use on all types of vehicles, offering long service life to non-professional and professional drivers, automobile repair shop workers, emergency vehicle drivers, slow-moving vehicle or roadside assistance vehicle users.

 Anybody who has ever needed to work on their car after dark will know how necessary and useful additional lighting is. This is exactly where this CRC5 range product, featuring options ensuring universal use, comes in handy - CRC5 work lamp with a handle and a magnet.

This small-sized energy efficient LED lamp is water-, dust- and shock-resistant. It is designed for mounting on a vehicle using a neodymium magnet, which, in combination with an additional adjustment mechanism, allows you to fasten the lamp in any position and choose the desired light incidence angle setting. The lamp comes equipped with a long, 8-metre coiled power cord, terminated with a connector which plugs into a 12 V cigarette lighter socket. Carry a CRC5 lamp in your car and anything you need to do on or about your car - packing, installing a roof rack, repairs or emergency spare wheel replacement - will not be a problem anymore.

This product will prove a boon to drivers, both non-professional and professional, roadside assistance vehicle drivers, emergency vehicle drivers or automobile repair shop workers. The CRC5 lamp will be exhibited at an important automotive event,  i.e. the Poznań Automotive Technology Fair (which accompanies the Poznań Motor Show), at Stand No 16 in Hall 8.

Participation in the fair is part of the project "Promotion of new product on international markets: universal application LED work lamp and promotion of Polish brand WESEM as a solid supplier of advanced lighting products".