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16 September 2016

200,000 WESEM LED work lamps have been sold. The producer emphasizes that users of agricultural vehicles are increasingly willing to invest in professional lighting manufactured with the use of new technologies. They appreciate such values as quality, life-span and low power consumption of this type of lights.

Increased work comfort and efficiency are becoming a standard for those conducting field works.  Taking into account the fact that a large number of such works are carried out in difficult conditions and at night, one possibility is to ensure proper additional lighting in vehicles. Users are willing to make use of this option, and they install additional work lamps on their tractors, combines or agricultural machines.

Work lamps of the LED technology manufactured by the Polish producer are especially appreciated because of:

  • long life-span and energy savings, which is of particular importance when there is a need for lighting in agricultural machines requiring multiple lights,
  • reliability and durability - LED lamps operate without the need for additional maintenance (e.g. replacement of light bulbs - light bulbs burn out during works often causing stoppages), as well as solid construction, which enables work in difficult conditions,
  • tightness - the lamp is fully hermetic, waterproof and dustproof; all LED work lamps are of the highest tightness class IP69K.

We offer, for example, the following:

  • LED1 - an absolute HIT and a favourite product of users; in addition to the above advantages, it is liked for it simple but interesting design,
  • CRV 1 - a lamp for those who need more light on larger machines; one of the newest products on the market, which is slowly gaining users’ recognition,
  • CRV2 - for those who like variety and want to have a choice of several options, including as regards the casing colour (frames can be made in grey, black, red or yellow)
  • CRC4 - a useful lamp for those users who need a lamp of a small size (dimensions: ϕ66x69) to install it in hard-to-reach places.

Growing sales and popularity in this sector show that work lamps of the LED technology are gaining more and more enthusiasts. All the more so that on the domestic market, we can find good quality products that have performed well in difficult conditions (in cyclical internal satisfaction surveys carried out among a wide range of customers of the WESEM company, the product quality has been highly rated for many years; furthermore, products of the LED series have obtained the QUALITY OF THE YEAR 2015 certificate). Above all, our customers appreciate the fact that they get a good product at a reasonable price.

WESEM, a Polish manufacturer of vehicle lighting, will appear once again at the AGROSHOW fair in Bednary on 23-26 September 2016. The central focus of the presented offer will be the series of LED work lamps, but there will also be many interesting and useful lights for fans of more traditional solutions.