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1 September 2014

WESEM has been the main sponsor of Krzysztof Hajduk since 2013. This is what Krzysztof writes about his sports career:

“I started racing when I was 9 years old. I remember well my first training on a karting track; my first lesson of gaining precious split seconds, and first drive in the rain which showed me what aquaplaning was, and what it meant to struggle for staying on the "black" (that is on tarmac).

Then, there came my first competition at last, and I got a bug for racing. I could hardly think about anything else but kart racing. And I wanted to be an adult to... get my driving licence and start driving a ‘real’ car.

Finally, it happened, and I started looking for a sports discipline and a car which I would enjoy most. While going through race and rally coverage, I came across drifting films. That was it! Immense power, rear-wheel drive, and continuous skidding made a strong impression on me.

I imported a BMW e36 328 from Germany. However, at the beginning it wasn't going well. The car was in too good a shape, and it would be a pity to ruin it while practising. I realised that alterations were necessary. So I made them and controlled skidding became great fun at last, and my driving started to look like drifting.

I worn out a lot of tyres and burnt an ocean of petrol before I took part in my first competition. I found my element in speeding, driving in pairs, and... in constant equipment developing. It was a real arms race. I fitted a cage inside, installed sport suspension, but still there was too little power. An engine of 200 hp was too weak for me. We replaced it with a 3.2 l BMW M3 engine generating 320 hp. It was another breakthrough.

With my friends, we created a drifting team D1KRK in Krakow. We went for training and competitions together for 2 years. I started treating this sport more and more professionally. In 2013, I was taken under WESEM's wings, and I've been driving in its colours since then.

My car has been completely restructured, and prepared for drifting in 100 percent. It is not suitable for any other kind of driving anymore ;-) It has an LS3 engine from Chevrolet CAMARO of 6.2 l capacity and 430 KM and 570 Nm power. Its suspension has been reconstructed; the braking system has been adapted to drift needs, and the car weighs a little more than a ton.

There came my first success at last. To begin with, I was ranked 5th in a competition in Warsaw. Last year I was 4th in Toruń. I treat the 2014 season very seriously. I'm going to fight for results, get a licence, and participate in the Drifting Championships of Poland. The top Polish drivers are considered best in Europe, so I want to follow their example, and I hope I will be able to compete with them one day.”