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27 April 2017

WESEM has for many years actively supported motorsports. In the context of motorcycle racing, the company's logo is visible during motorcycle trial events. Andrzej Mistarz, a trial driver sponsored by WESEM is almost a veteran competitor in trial events. Now Andrzej is passing the baton to his son Kuba  whom he infected with his passion for this sport.

Andrzej Mistarz began his racing career in 1986, riding a SIMSON ENDURO motorcycle for the PKS Dębicki motorcycle club. He soon went on to ride motorcycles with a larger volume of cylinders. He competed for the SMOK Kraków sports club which boasts multiple trial vice-championship title wins in Poland. Andrzej has competed in the Polish motorcycle trial championships ten times. At present, he is a member of the Automobil Klub Krakowski sports club and actively participates in events. 

Kuba Mistarz started riding trial motorcycles when he was 4 years old. It was his father who inspired his passion for motorcycles. When he was 8, he won the Tatrzański Trial Competition. As a 10-year old driver, he showed off his motoring skills at the TAURON ARENA Kraków venue during the last Tadeusz Błażusiak competition. 
From 2017 onwards Kuba will be competing in the Polish Cup in the 10 - 12 years age group. Under the watchful eye of his mentor (his dad), he is already starting serious training.

Here is the schedule of this year’s events, where you will meet Kuba with his dad Andrzej:

  • 20-21.05.2017 – 1-st and 2-nd round, Krzeszowice
  • 10-11.06.2017 – 3-rd and 4-th round, Bytom
  • 15-16.07.2017 – 5-th and 6-th round, Ochotnica
  • 29-30.07.207 – 7-th and 8-th round, Nowy Targ
  • 20.09 – 01.10.2017 – 9-th and 10-th round, Szklarska Poręba

WESEM keeps its fingers crossed for younger and older competitiors.