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30 March 2021

Spring has come. Agricultural activities are in full swing. The time of the day does not matter anymore if you have proper lighting in your work area. This year, with tractor and agricultural machinery users in mind, WESEM has developed new lamps as well as new versions of the existing products, thus enhancing its broad range of LED and incandescent lamps.

Adequately selected, professional lighting from WESEM will significantly improve the comfort and safety of work on a farm. WESEM's product range has been extended to include new products for use by farmers:

A. Products incorporating LED technology:

  • CRV1 work lamps with an increased luminous flux

In response to customers' requirements relating to large amount of light, we have developed CRV1 work lamp featuring a luminous flux of 5500 lm. Depending on their requirements, customers can choose an option with a cable, A Deutsch connector, a magnetic holder and a spiral cable.

  • CRV1 work lamps featuring wide light beam and a luminous flux of 2000 lm,
  • CRV2 work lamps featuring focused light beam and a luminous flux of 1500 or 2000 lm.

The special CRV2 lamp family has even more to offer. The range of popular options has been extended to include versions featuring a luminous flux of 2000 lm. Those looking for lamps with focused/long-distance light beam can now try a version with 4⁰ light propagation angle. And there is the whole range of frame colours for the lamps to boot.

  • EGV1 headlights – 4-function, full LED

This energy-saving, technologically advanced headlight with a turn indicator, fully LED-based, will prove its worth on combines and telescopic wheel loaders. This is a perfect solution if you are interested in innovative and energy-efficient products.

  • CRP2 built-in work lamps with a luminous flux of 3000 lm

This is an entirely new product that will soon be available. This is the first LED headlight in WESEM's product range that features a Combo optical system combining wide and focused beams. The headlight is designed for incorporating in selected tractor and combine models.

B. Halogen-based lamps:

  • LPRC work lamps

A very useful replacement for lamps used on John Deere tractors.

Ensure you replace lamps on your machine with more efficient lighting or install on your machines additional lamps to be ready for this year's farming season. This will contribute to improved comfort and safety in the field and save your time in the future.