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3 August 2015

The CRV1 work lamp is a product for users of agricultural machines, construction machines and any other vehicles, where additional, high power and energy efficient source of light is needed.

CRV1 uses LED technology and thanks to that achieves natural light color and low energy consumption. CRV1 is durable, tough and IP68, IP69k rated. Because of effective, aluminium radiator, the CRV1 is working with full power of 35W in practically any conditions, without the risk of overheating.

The CRV1 is powered via a cable (0.5m) or built-in connector AMP or Deutsch. It can be mounted as standing or hanging. CRV1 can be used in tough conditions in forestry, on construction sites, in agriculture or others sectors which use slow moving vehicles.

Furthermore, it will serve for a long time to owners of off-road cars, who like extremal conditions and supports users where proper light affects on better work results. Currently, it is the most powerful LED work lamp in WESEM's offer.