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20 March 2015

In a new season, another team with WESEM's livery appears on rally stages. We are talking about thr WESEM off-road team who will be present on the most important Polish off-road rallies.

Behind the wheel of highly modified Suzuki Jimny sits Jaroslaw Monachowicz.

"I don't like to talk about myself, but I love difficult, technical trialing. I'm taking part in rallies since 2009. I have had started as a co-driver and since the very first kilometer I have fallen in love with this sport.

Fighting with deep mud, technical climbs and sticky peat, it was all what insanely boosted me. Today I'm driving Suzuki Jimny - it is very light weight and thanks to that, in places where everybody is sinking and need to use winches, we are driving through on wheels. My car and myself is the unity. Co-driver is my eyes around car and at the back of head. We are complementing and percolating each other, but it's co-driver who does 100% of dirty job.

Only cooperation between persons and machine gives chance to win, to stand on podium and to move step by step own limits to impossibility. During each start I'm learning something, I'm gaining experience. I'm loosing, I'm braking car, I'm cursing, I'm yelling to myself. There is something what is forcing me to step froward. Another couple meters, another stage, another rally, another season...

I can not imagine life without those events, adrenaline and emotions. I can not imagine life without competition and sweet taste of winning"  - said Jaroslaw before his first start in WESEM's livery.

We wish this sweetness to WESEM off-road team. Fingers crossed!!

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