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18 May 2017

40 years have passed… Yes, they are gone. As we are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year, we have decided to recapitulate important facts from our company's history. We have been in the market for these 40 years and all along we have been watching our customers express satisfaction with our lights, installed in various vehicles. This satisfaction is our greatest reward and measure of success.

WESEM… in 3 sectors
Automotive industry – this is where it all started; our first headlamps were installed in Polish Fiats 125p. Sufficient market demand allowed us to expand production for this sector and implement multiple capital investment projects. This is how we started to spread our wings.

Farming – the manufacture of work lights as well as headlamps and signal lights for tractors and agricultural equipment is a significant part of our business. An extensive product range, good quality and reasonable prices – these are the strengths of our lights that have won us numerous customers and increased our presence and recognition in many world markets – 60% of our output is exported!

Special applications – or every situation where our lights can improve work comfort and prove their worth in difficult conditions. You will come across our products in special vehicles, including emergency vehicles, construction machines or motorsport vehicles. In all these conditions, our lights provide extra illumination for the way ahead, be it fields, dirt roads or difficult terrain.

WESEM… as 3 individuals
Michał Hajduk – founder and teacher. A visionary and an entrepreneur. A person with action in his blood who has accomplished his goals under adverse conditions. Effectively and determinedly.

Marian Hajduk – co-founder and owner of the company. He has supported his father's pursuit of his goals and systematically worked with him to develop the company. He continues to play his pivotal role in production and acts as a guardian of product quality to this day.

Tomasz Hajduk – representative of the third generation in the company's management team. He exudes optimism and energy in action. He is living proof that young generations can successfully continue their parents' and grandparents' work.

WESEM… and  3 of its products
Headlamp for the Polish Fiat 125p – the product which started it all. Satisfactory sales of our first products provided us with an opportunity to further develop the company.

Work light LED1F – this is the first light in which we have employed LED technology. It represented a major step in our development that gave rise to the manufacture of energy-saving and efficient lights, utilizing new technologies. The LED family is now the company's principal product range that follows the latest trends in design; its durability and robust construction make it stand out from the competition.

Driving light FERVOR – a new generation product. A unique light dedicated for truck drivers. Our customers both at home and abroad have shown their approval for this product, which utilizes LED technology in its high beam and position lamp versions, as well as featuring high efficiency, unique shape and modern design.

WESEM… and its 3 priorities
Technology – investing in new technologies allows us to provide our customers with products that will last for years. We are continually improving our products, ensuring they meet the requirements of our customers, both vehicle manufacturers and distributors.

Partnership and cooperation – we listen to our customers and adapt our products to fulfil their requirements. We go to great lengths to provide professional service and we support our distributors' sales. In this way, we contribute to our joint success.

Quality – invariably important and invariably appreciated for many years now. In our annual satisfaction survey, customers for lights point to the importance of quality and appreciate the robust construction and durability of our lights as well as a very small number of product complaints. And these customers have been with us for many years now.

WESEM… and its 3 accomplishments
A partner for global manufacturers – in foreign markets: we are one of BOMAG's suppliers, a global leader and manufacturer of road equipment; Polish market: we supply URSUS, a well-known and widely recognizable Polish manufacturer of tractors and agricultural equipment.

Expansion into foreign markets – not only have we strengthened our position but we have also posted significant sales increase in the demanding German market. Germany is our second largest market, with Poland being the first. Our significant export markets also include Italy and Russia.

Participation in important events – for many years now we have attended the world's largest automotive trade fair – Automechanika in Frankfurt, and the Agritechnica trade fair for agricultural machinery in Hannover. With dedication and success, we have been exhibiting our new products and items selected from our range which comprises over 100 product groups!

We leave the rest to you ... Can you name 3 things that you know about WESEM and its products?