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22 February 2016

After a successful debut, WESEM Off Road Team one more time is going to travel across endless areas of Polish wilderness. The crew is ready to set off and is preparing for participation in future rallies.

It will be possible to meet Jarek Monachowicz and his team in the Wschodnie Bezdroża (Eastern Wilderness) and Duch Puszczy (Spirit of the Forest) rallies. New challenges that the crew plans to take up this year are rallies within the framework of Towarzyska Liga Terenowa (Informal Off-Road League) and the Bałtowskie Bezdroża (Wilderness of Bałtów) rally with which all fans of off-road are surely already familiar.

Here is what Jarek Monachowicz said about the past and about the future: –  Six rounds, five times on the podium. We have not even dreamt of such a result. But we have done it and it has just motivated us to work even harder.

A seized engine, bent axle and broken differential – these are just a few of the memories from the past season ... But there is no rose without a thorn. Despite of the difficulties, while driving forward unwaveringly and coping with failings of the equipment, but most of all, with our own weaknesses, we are finishing the season with smiles on our faces. We enjoy every moment we spent in the contest because we like to compete, to drive through the middle of nowhere, in the back of beyond. We are happy because we emerge victorious in the contest. In the end of the day, we can say we have managed; we went there and came back with the shield.

This year we are planning to go rallying to a similar extent, but a little bit further, including participation in the Informal Off-Road League and the 12th edition the Wilderness of Bałtów. We must also be present in Gródek.

Our modified Suzuki Jimny, equipped with LEDs manufactured by WESEM, will continue to traverse the vast muddy depths of inaccessible Polish wilderness. See you off-road!

Dates of rallies will be announced successively on our teams' Facebook page and at https://pl-pl.facebook.com/wesem/.