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15 December 2014


WESEM’s priorities are still the same: we care for the needs of our customers and want to offer them reliable products.


This is why we subject our lamps to extensive lab testing. We also regularly perform practical tests, which are not limited to everyday conditions. Some of the tests are almost extreme. What are their results? Read on to learn the opinion of Jarosław Monachowicz, a user of LED6F lamps:

“The Wesem LED lamps do well in the most difficult rally conditions. They work underwater among duckweed and make it easier to reach the goal. Their tight casing is excellent. Another advantage is their low power consumption, which allows for more capacity from the battery, which powers numerous other high-consumption devices.

The long-range lamps are perfect for long segments on dark forest paths. The dispersed beams and the adjustable base light up the area around the car very well.

Wesem meets the expectations of various drivers, drivers of agricultural equipment, users of public roads, and rally drivers. The secret of their success is in the quality – Wesem’s excellent lamps make the company a proven partner for clients of various automotive sectors.”