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18 May 2021

Pursuing goals, overcoming obstacles, abiding by the rules – or how passion and willpower translate into scoring podiums in the Polish Championships and Polish Cup in Motorcycle Trial. WESEM's trial team will be competing again in the Polish Championships and Polish Cup.

There are obstacles to overcome. Focus, Focus, patience and balance. And then there are the rules you must not break. WESEM's trial team is taking on yet another challenge, is reaching higher and higher, showing how you should persevere in pursuing your goals.

Kuba Mistarz is now the main driver in WESEM's trial team. He trains under the guidance of his father Andrzej Mistarz, who was a member of the SMOK Kraków Club and has won titles of Vice Champion of Poland in motorcycle trials several times. Kuba seriously took up this sport in 2017 by competing in the Polish Cup kids class. He came fourth and got in the mood for more. Over the subsequent years 2018 and 2019 he managed to finish second in the Polish Cup.
In 2020 Kuba changed his division, joining the Youth class and decided to compete on a higher difficulty level. He came third. Kuba's achievements have been recognized and now he is due to compete in the Polish Championships.
Kuba's plans for this year are very ambitious. In addition to the Polish Championships and Polish Cup competitions, Kuba will be competing in the Southern and Western Zone Championships. He is going to ride a Beta Evo 125.

Official schedule for the Polish Championships and Polish Cup in motorcycle trials:

22-23.05.2021 – 1 and 2 round, in Ochotnica
19-20.06.2021 – 3 and 4 round, in Gliwice
24-25.07.2021 – 5 and 6 round, in Nowy Targ
4-5.09.2021 – 7 and 8 round, in Kamienica
25-26.09.2021 – 9 and 10 round, in Szklarska Poręba

Southern and Western Zone Championships schedule:

24-25.04.2021 – 1 and 2 round, in Wrocław
8-9.05.2021 – 3 and 4 round, in Gliwice
12-13.06.2021 – 5 and 6 round, in Przemyśl
21-22.08.2021 – 7 and 8 round, in Pokrzywna
9-10.10.2021 – 9 and 10 round, Gliwice
23-24.10.2021 – 11 and 12 round, in Wrocław

Let's keep our fingers crossed for our young contender!