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10 July 2020

Caravanning has been popular for a long time now. Fans of this pastime are eager to buy solutions to be used on a campsite. CRC5 universal work lamp will surely prove useful when performing different activities on the road or when camping. With its solid workmanship and reliable diversified application, it can be used both in difficult situations in the vehicle and when having fun on the campsite.

A small-sized (ø87mm) CRC5 work lamp has been offered by WESEM, a Polish manufacturer, for a long time. Now its unique features are appreciated by fans of caravanning who, during their travels, encounter situations when they need more light, when they need to brighten an area up or simply improve the comfort of their holiday stay. The product comes in a nice and functional box in which the lamp can be safely kept and transported. Its 8-metre coil cord allowing for connecting the lamp to the cigarette lighter outlet, an airtight switch used to switch the lamp off at any time without disconnecting, its handle ensuring comfortable transport and arrangement of the lamp, and its magnetic holder allowing for attaching the lamp to metal parts of trailers and vehicles make the lamp universal. The company also offers additional equipment with which the lamp can be fixed in other ways.

Other advantages of CRC5 lamp:

  • modern LED technology,
  • low consumption of energy,
  • perfect mechanical parameters (highest IP rating, resistant to high and low temperatures),
  • high-quality materials and aesthetic workmanship,
  • sure guarantee from a trusted manufacturer.

CRC5 lamp components are manufactured in Poland but each stage of production is controlled in accordance with the company’s ISO 9001:2015 quality system. The manufacturer declares that equipment upgrading options can be extended, which will make the product even more universal and for broader use.

The lamp is solid and extremely resistant. It proves ideal in difficult conditions. It is water-proof, dust-proof and resistant to vibrations. This is the reason why it can prove effective in all unfavourable weather conditions and in the field. Thanks to this, darkness will no longer be a problem, duties will be at least partly easy to perform in a sure and timely manner, and the holiday will be pleasant and without stress.

And when the summer ends and the camper waits for the next season, the lamp only needs to be moved to another vehicle and will be there for use all year long.

Press release: WESEM